Training and Business Development Services:

Through our Primary Co-operatives we provide the following services:

NPTCSA is a Skills Development Provider of the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO), accreditation number: SPD1220/17/00147

  • Start and Improve Your Own Business (accredited by ILO) which covers Marketing, Stock Control, Costing, Record Keeping and Business Planning
  • Business Skills for South Africa Foundations Modules (accredited by the Services Seta)( Basic Project Management, Marketing, Costing and Pricing, Business Plan and Tendering)
  • Generic start up for Businesses
  • Agri-Business and Co-operatives
  • Co-operative Pre-Incorporation Training
  • Co-operative Governance Training
  • Co-operatives Accounting Solutions and Audit


  • We assist with Accreditation with relevant Setas
  • Material development and alignment
  • QMS

Co-operatives Accounting Solutions and Audit

(Management, Financial and Social Audit)

NPTCSA has developed a strategy to assist the Registrar of co-operatives in ensuring that statutory requirements are met by registered co-operatives and auditing (financial, management and social) of such entities. With this approach the co-operative businesses are empowered with basic financial recording and management skills to ensure proper use of financial information. Our co-operative financial management support is of vital impact to ensure continuity in this critical business area.

Poverty Alleviation

NPTCSA specializes in teaching people about mechanisms of how to generate their own income and train them on how to use their disposable income effectively to create sustainable businesses that will help in alleviating poverty.

Business Advice

NPTCSA believes in helping the people develop their own business plans because they understand their situation and business idea better than anyone else, training sessions are conducted to equip the people with the necessary skills to develop their own business plans. NPTCSA also assist the members with marketing strategies and the marketing of their products.

Institutional Development of Self-help Groups

NPTCSA makes sure that the institutions are developed and strengthened to allow for growth in the business, by assisting the businesses in forming legal entities, co-operatives in particular and mentoring them.

Small Bakery Businesses Support

Under NPTCSA we have a team of Bakery Support Specialist who offer technical support and training to township/village-based bakeries. Facilitate procurement of reliable ingredients and equipment from reputable supplier for the small bakeries.

Also facilitates availability of branded plastic packaging for co-operating small businesses to assist in marketing their products. Bread products in branded packaging increase the marketability of the product in customers’ eyes thus increasing the competitiveness of small bakeries in face of monopoly.

Bulk buying

NPTCSA has the capacity and skill to coordinate bulk buying of trading commodities for emerging businesses which are in similar sectors with an aim of mobilizing their buying power. Surely with strong purchasing power which is well co-ordinated, favourable conditions are easily negotiated with various suppliers.

Follow-up (Mentorship of Institutions and Businesses)

Depending on the need and request NPTCSA provides continuous training to determine the impact and viability of the business, and thus provide on-job training for managing growth of the business.

Co-operative Banking Development for SMME Funding

NPTCSA is facilitating establishment of Enterprise-focused Co-operative Banks by SMMEs under the promulgated Co-operative Banks Act 40 of 2007 in South Africa. Such banks which will be owned by local SMMEs in collaboration with surrounding communities shall ensure sustainable provision of funding and other financial services to emerging businesses. They shall serve as good channel of other funding provided by other stake-holders.